According to numerous reputable sources, hoodies are appropriate of business casual day at the offices.  Hoodies are now made from pinstripe suit material for the more formal business casual days. 


The Porto Virus

by LeechMaster on April 1, 2013

This virus has been wafting around Portland and other vegan infested areas for some time. It is transmitted through organic foods. Everyone can contract it, however, only vegans are harmed because their bodies are weakened by a lack of consumption of animal products.  Honey offers limited protection, eggs and dairy offers better protections, but only the regular consumption of meat offers full immunity. It rumored that one 60 once serving of bloody rare grass feed buffalo rib eye steak provides life time immunity to the virus. This virus was genetically created by Monsanto Inc. Monsanto was hired in secret by the meat and dairy industry to engineer a virus that could wipe the planet of the vegan scourge.  Some vegan colonies, once infected, had to resort the cannibalism so that a few could survive. Ironically, the cannibal vegans grew stronger and healthier because their fallen comrades’ flesh was full of vitamins from eating vegetables.


The Rare Spotted Chinese Hippo

by LeechMaster on February 20, 2013

 The rare spotted Chinese hippo was created in a Chinese bio reactor. It was designed for the purpose of a living bio containment facility for deadly bacteria. The spots on the hippo’s back are containmeant cells for the bacteria. If a scientist needed the bacteria he just needed to take a skin sample of the spot on the hippo where that bacterium is. It is immune to almost all diseases and its feces are green because it’s digestive tract has all the bacterias in it. Recently, they have been used to plant diseases in areas where China wants less people


The Three Eyed Worm Spider`*+`*+*+“`+*`-+*-+

by LeechMaster on December 6, 2012

This creature is commonly found in cesspools and dumps. This creature feeds of the garbage in these areas. The three eyed worm spider was designed by Polish geneticists, with the main goal of creating a five eyed worm cricket. They failed, and this creature was the result.

Since it’s creation, young Pols have played a game called cesspool spider toss. One will locate and grab the worm spider from a cesspool, and toss it to another, much like the game “hot potato.”  The winner is the player with the least amount of gunk on him, and of course the ones that remain uneaten.

Special power: Smells like elderberries.

Prey:  zero eyed worms, medium sized mammals.



Gingers Unite

by LeechMaster on December 2, 2012

Leechhunter central discovered an amazing site dedicated to our red pigmented friends, commonly called Gingers, and less commonly called daywalkers. The awesome site is called Let’s here it for the Gingers!


The only hair group that has it’s own beer.



The Jamaican Three Horned Bull Walrus

by LeechMaster on November 8, 2012

The Jamaican Three Horned Bull Walrus is uncommonly found in Jamaican rain forests next to springs. It is not a “natural” animal, and was created Jamaican geneticists that couldn’t make the local bobsledding team. The original goal was to create a perfect bobsledding animal, but the choice of three horns was not well thought through, and the beast would repeatedly become stuck in the sled tracks, causing many an unfortunate pile up. This is the source of the Jamaican phrase, “Ja Crap!”

The creature eats exotic plant life and only animals that are loved by PETA.  PETA held a protest against genetic science and this animal in Jamaica, but unfortunately the Bull Walrus ate all of the protesters.

Generally peaceful, its special power is bobsledding mastery, however it requires a special non-regulation track with side groves to accommodate its horns.

They can be located by the pungent smell of wet fur, and their gentle cooing sounds. They have been only known to eat humans that are involved in PETA, or walrus trainers that treat their pets poorly and wear green shirts, like this guy.


The Jumping Deer Frog

by LeechMasterOctober 29, 2012 Creature Information

The jumping deer frog inhabits swampy areas with lots of small animals  to snack on during the day. However, at night, it goes after bigger prey such as moose, bear, and people with a high body mass index. It has a primary tongue for eating small prey, and a 15 foot secondary tongue with a […]

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The Deadly Mexican Organ Destroyer

by LeechMasterOctober 11, 2012 Uncategorized

The Deadly Mexican Organ Destroyer is a nasty virus found primarily in Mexico. The virus is passed by flatulence in small enclosed spaces, such as elevators, dorm rooms, and IKEA kitchen displays. On farting, a carrier will fill the enclosed space with tiny virus particles. For some unknown reason, the farts are loud but scentless. […]

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Korean Monkey Snake

by LeechMasterOctober 3, 2012 Uncategorized

Researches at Leech Hunter headquarters discovered tales of an animal called the “Korean Monkey Snake.” It is indigenous to Mongolia, however, in the 1940’s it was accidentally introduced to Korea by Mongolian migrant workers that brought the snake in reindeer leather sacks as a food source. On arriving in Korea, the environment, long working hours of […]

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The Hawaiian chum cluster

by LeechMasterMarch 6, 2012 Uncategorized

The Hawaii chum cluster is found mostly in the islands of Hawaii. it is mostly used as shark bait, but stupid tourists can buy it at street corners. one interesting fact that we found is that a Hawaiian cult used it for ritual sacrifice. Chum clusters are the product of more than 3 Hawaiian tourists yacking over a boat at the same time […]

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The basement dwelling carpet snake

by LeechMasterFebruary 24, 2012 Creature Information

This little critter lives in Oregon basements and only comes out at night and in the morning to spawn with other carpet snakes. obtained this exclusive photo from a young couple who shamelessly and foolishly used thier fingers as lures, which the carpet snake then mounted. Fun to play with, but avoid bite at […]

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The purple spotted mushroom

by LeechMasterSeptember 3, 2011 Uncategorized

The purple spotted mushroom is a very rare species the live in very dense forests. Their leafs grow in the ground and when an unexpected logger steps on it leafs come out of the ground and chops there foot off with its leafs. A very interesting thing about this species is that there leafs are […]

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