BREAKING NEWS… parasite discovered

by LeechFinder on March 9, 2010

Leech Hunter has just discovered a new parasite called Newvex A that can be found in humans. Newvex A takes control of your nerves. Minor symptoms are uncontrollable movements of body limbs. Sever symptoms are complete nervous system failure. It originated from the African Flying Four Armed Gorilla. It is spread by the wool balls that the African Flying Four Armed Gorilla coughs up. It is mostly found in the children who sell the wool balls in the nearby market. The parasite soaks into their skin and enters the nervous system. Humans can not spread the parasite. To find out if you have Newvex A locate an Infectious Disease Specialist in your area. There are a series of tests that will determine if you have Newvex A. Doctors have not found a cure. Several non-profits are being formed to help the infected children. Please consider donating to one of these non-profits The Newvex Project, Newvex Aid or Search For The Cure (SFTC).

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