The Jumping Deer Frog

by LeechMaster on October 29, 2012

The jumping deer frog inhabits swampy areas with lots of small animals  to snack on during the day. However, at night, it goes after bigger prey such as moose, bear, and people with a high body mass index.

It has a primary tongue for eating small prey, and a 15 foot secondary tongue with a paralytic venom tip used to stun larger prey.  Defying the laws of physics, the Deer Frog’s mouth is larger than it’s body and devours it’s prey in one gulp. Think frog on the outside, Tardis on the inside.

Height:  36 inches.

Length and witdth:  5×7 feet

weight: 200-400 pounds.

Mouth size: defies laws of physics.

Special power: Tardis mouth.

Smell: pleasant.

Taste: like chicken and moose flesh.





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