The Three Eyed Worm Spider`*+`*+*+“`+*`-+*-+

by LeechMaster on December 6, 2012

This creature is commonly found in cesspools and dumps. This creature feeds of the garbage in these areas. The three eyed worm spider was designed by Polish geneticists, with the main goal of creating a five eyed worm cricket. They failed, and this creature was the result.

Since it’s creation, young Pols have played a game called cesspool spider toss. One will locate and grab the worm spider from a cesspool, and toss it to another, much like the game “hot potato.”  The winner is the player with the least amount of gunk on him, and of course the ones that remain uneaten.

Special power: Smells like elderberries.

Prey:  zero eyed worms, medium sized mammals.


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